Jul 18, 2013

A Detour

Took me a while to make another post because I took a detour.
I have just prepared my checklist and timeline (saving that for another blog) but had to finish my brother's wedding invitations and look for his bride's wedding dress. Yep, I am not the only one who will get married in the family. As a matter of fact, my only brother is getting married ahead of me. So everything is pretty hectic and exciting.

So... for the dress, the bride sent me a design of what she wants to copy and my task is to look for someone who can make that and of course, pay for the dress. See, where I am from, we have this tradition that the guy pays for the dress and since my brother doesn't have enough savings to pay for the dress whilst paying for other expenses of the wedding, as his older sister I felt I needed to help him and so this goes.

Pretty huh? Thing is I need to find a shop who can do this without costing me an arm and a leg as I have the invitation and my own wedding to take care of.

As for the invitations, I thought of doing it myself since I am into crafts and I usually don't trust other people to mass produce something and produce quality without over-charging me.
Since it will be a beach wedding, I created two bottled invitations and got them to chose one. They loved and when I posted it on my Facebook profile, a lot of people actually like it and I even got people asking if I can do their invites too! Pretty flattering, I should say. :)

Please have a look at it and let me know what you think.

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